Hi, my name is David and I am happy doing strange things with weird people.

I run The Wrong (since 2013), a worldwide biennale for digital arts, Abstract Editions (since 2015),  publishing printed Abstract Literature, and 7tNbjV (since 2017), publishing abstract graphic novels.

In the recent past I had a blast doing NOVA Festival (2010-2012) and
ROJO magazine (2001-2011) among other art projects.

I am now working on the 4th edition of The Wrong opening November 1st, 2019, typing a new abstract literature novel, mixing the second album of my band Cachopou,  blinking poetry via Twitter and saving images via
Instagram. I also run a family on a daily basis.

I communicate in native Spanish, English and Portuguese. I am also fluent in Catalan and Valencian, and I have good notions of French, Italian, HTML5 and CSS.

I frequently respond to emails and fb messenger. Feel free to write and 
say hi.
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