i met juanma lodo briefly in september 2o14 in asturias, and we decided to get together as a band. exactly one year after our encounter we enter drax studios in madrid and record our very first music album entitled "creating standards", which sounds navigate the seas between experimental, off-key jazz, improvisation and non-erudite classical music 

︎ creating standards︎ (2o15)

1. creating standards
2. always there
3. extinct is forever
4. reach out and touch
5. feel the difference (ft.meterla)
6. champagne psycho
7. like never before
8. to bring the wolves out
9. champagne reprise
1o. it’s morning somewhere (ft.bdmm)

︎ creating remixes︎ (2o16)

1. jason forrest - leverage love for victory
2. ag davis - samba
3. chris zabriskie - a new breed
4. kermesse - add brown
5. lolo & sosaku - grab the rainbow
6. christopher scullion - it's not your fault

cachopou︎ are juanma lodo & david quiles guilló. creating standards was recorded and mastered at drax studios by j.m. rosillo. additional sounds by cristian, nacho, daniel & ximena. published by nosordo︎

we are now finishing our second studio album “tropicalismo neo”, to be released in 2o2o. more news very soon

david quiles guilló©2oo1-2o2o