delete today is a multi layered facebook solo online performance where my online persona disappears little by little from facebook, giving myself a few days between each delete-all; every post, every photo, every comment, every tag, every group... and the grand finale, like a social seppuku, i unfriend in alphabetical order every facebook friend. delete until there is nothing left but “life event” notices of the action of deleting, and the date: the digital engraved inscription on the artist’s facebook profile.

it is not about deactivating my profile, it is about emptying the profile of all possible content, and leave public notice of the action.

delete today may generate unexpected questions, but all the answers are available in a quick gaze at the backlight screen you hold in your hand.

delete today (2o17) happened on my personal facebook profile︎ from
july 11th to august 7th, 2o17
david quiles guilló©2oo1-2o2o