dave, thank you for a great show. i agree on your points of view, and your general you. i am a fan. being a social leader implies in an fair exchange; money and/or fame, and the microphone for people to listen to what you have to say, in exchange of social leadership. it is a fair social trade, i am sure you agree. i believe part of the deal is that you must exceed and it's up to you to set an example. someone to truly inspire future generations. many kids watching your video today are wishing to be you in 2o/3o years. please be aware, always aware. it has to be a fair deal.

if it is that you really care, please do your part and do not take tobacco money (if you didn't, you should have), and help young people and all future generations to grow healthy and safe. 8:46 is a 3o minute tobacco smoking industry "ultra reality" advertisement video, performed by the best comic in town, using the most important issue of the moment, with absolute honesty, absolute timing and absolute justification, and desguise it as humor. extra fact: a cigarrette is present almost for the entire duration of the show. this is one of the most effective and complex advertising pieces i have encountered at the present time.

aside from the tobacco issue, i sincerely congratulate you again, and thank you for bringing awareness to the very serious and imperative issues at hand. always amazing. great show.

love, meu xará
monday, 15 june 2o2o

inspired by o vírus do cigarro︎︎︎ by graziela calfat︎︎︎