rojo out   2oo6~2oo9

international outdoor urban art exhibition started in 2oo6 as an artistic urban initiative aiming to show the talent of international emergent artists on the streets throughout the transformation of the advertising billboards onto outdoor art canvases 

a 3x yearly one month exhibition of exclusive unpublished artworks made specifically to be displayed in 44 outdoor large backlight billboards, distributed strategically through the city center, the surroundings and the most important connection routes in barcelona thanks to J&B

in 2oo8 a selection of 16 artworks produced for the first two editions of rojo out was showcased at museo nacional centro de arte reina sofía in madrid. during the exhibition period, 4 artists also did a live art intervention in the glass walls at the new wing of the museum designed by jean nouvel

after three consecutive years where its predominant location was barcelona, in mid 2oo9, rojo out expanded its concept to brazil

urban stage sao paulo was the first evolution of barcelona's international outdoor urban art exhibition, where selected artists created site specific architecture-color projects on massive concrete walls located in different critical points of the city were traffic is very dense, with the objective to make them more colorful. these interventions remain until today as part of sao paulo's permanent urban landscape, thanks to smart, suvinil and prefeitura de sao paulo 

urban gallery was a second stage outdoor interventions towards making the city more colorful. a project where international selected artists create site specific architecture-color projects on tapumes in different locations of sao paulo, campinas, rio de janeiro, curitiba and brasilia. these pieces will remain upgrading the urban landscape for a limited amount of time thanks to brookfield incorporações 

barcelona artists: eboy, masha krasnova-shabaeva, robert hardgrave, anna taratiel aka ovni, apo fousek, benedita feijo & michael andersen, kill pixie, wagner pinto, fupete, hvass + hannibal, javier tles, momo, pancho tolchinsky, vasava, neasden control centre, protey temen, claudio parentela, yomar augusto, alexander egger, bruno 9li, sosaku miyazaki, chet purtilar, mwm, raquel sakristan, albert bertolin, diva, jon burgerman, meomi, 310k, tofer chin, sergei sviatchenko, cristiano trindade, evgeny kiselev, zosen, jinyoung shin, aya kato, boris hoppek, bruno 9li, catalina estrada, dalek, eltono & nuria mora, fupete, neasden control centre, ovni & kenor, sixeart

madrid artists: chet purtilar, mwm, diva, jon burgerman, meomi, 310k, evgeny kiselev, tofer chin, cristiano trindade, jinyoung shin, boris hoppek, sergei sviatchenko, aya kato, bruno 9li, catalina estrada, dalek

madrid live art intervention at museo reina sofia: anna taratiel aka ovni, lolo, sosaku miyazaki, fupete

sao paulo artists: mwm, apo fousek, superblast, eltono & nuria mora, anna taratiel aka ovni, speto, wagner pinto, sosaku miyazaki

urban gallery artists: tofer chin, momo, flavio samelo, mulheres barbadas, defi gagliardo, ros dolan, lolo y sosaku

eltono - sao paulo 2oo9

mwm - sao paulo 2oo9

anna taratiel - sao paulo 2oo9

fupete - museo reina sofia, madrid 2oo8

hvass & hannibal - barcelona 2oo8

bruno 9li - barcelona 2oo8

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