ruga magazine 

a dvd magazine published by rojo between 2oo4 and 2oo5, distributed internationally aiming to show unreleased audiovisual works by the most amazing artists worldwide

“ruga es rojo en esperanto”

 le stille rel 

includes 22 films adding up to 62 minutes of unreleased exclusive works crafted by iris piers, marco di noia, neasden control centre + wevie sound design, beeple, aäb, rob millington, hiroshikondo a.k.a stnw, eric wahlforss and gary butcher, patrick lindsay, area3, robert seidel, portabot vs. actop, c-trl labs, heric longe abramo, hfr-lab, jewboy corporation, max hattler, ljudbilden & piloten, ben sheppee, antenna, c505/knbs, andy lewis

dvd | 62min
sold out

 dagens bilaga 

includes 18 films adding up to 77 minutes of unreleased exclusive works crafted by transforma, zeitguised, ekumen, lycette bros, sascha pohflepp, qian qian, 310k, bowling club?, d-fuse, via grafik, gregori saavedra, carolina melis, actop, glaznost, crankbunny, wagoer, boris hoppek, jewboy corporation

dvd | 77min
sold out