a decade to download 2o22 
a book chronicling a decade of internet culture, awarded the tokyo tdc's 2o23 rgb prize, a prestigious international design award for on-screen work and/or experimental projects

the internet yami-ichi is a flea market-style event where people deal with “internet-ish” items in real space. it was started in tokyo in 2o12 by idpw, an organization led by artist duo exonemo

the concept of "bringing ideas from the internet to the actual world" has been enthusiastically embraced by creatives around the world, with more than 4o events held in 3o cities over the past 1o years 

2o22 marks the 1oth anniversary of the internet yami-ichi. the book, titled "a decade to download," is based on the theme of downloading the event records from past vendors directly onto a book to document the 1o-year history of this movement. finally, over 2oo beautiful vendor booths were recreated on the 8oo-page book 

available as three different types of books at https://yami-ichi.download/ 

happy to be part of yami-ichi community, and to have contributed some bits to it. thank you exonemo for sharing the love

2o23©d ll ´