another post on the wall is a digital art exhibition by

plink flojd

32 international artists interpret the experimental essence of the english band pink floyd as a starting point, and offer 24 digital artworks, some showing traces of these influences, some showing none, to take homage to the next level by making a new art form; plink flojd

another post on the wall has been conceptualised and curated by david quiles guilló, together with yoshi sodeoka and eric mast, and it features the following artists

akin deckard, andrew benson, peter burr, cristopher cichocki, theodore darst, jeromie dorrance, droid-on, e*rock, manuel fernández, gusti fink, jason forrest, tony halmos, rollin leonard, sara ludy, rea mcnamara, jonathan mccabe, austin meredith, a.bill miller, lorna mills, brenna murphy, daron murphy, david oppenheim, sabrina ratte, jimmy joe roche, alexander peverett, redsmoke, jeremy rotsztain, yoshi sodeoka, strange forces, roger tellier-craig, kyle warfield, mario zoots