remote entity: attachment and release

a new project by david quiles guilló, which questions the construction of the self that is generated via social media and detachment from its builder

artists as digital artworks for sale

with the digital reflection self, there is the embedding of self-awareness, commodification, distribution, evolution and estimated value of digital self. digital reflections of living artists as art work in the digital age. artworks that can be followed, shared, bought and sold in the thousands, like derivative armies 

these reflections are like old-school tamagotchis, pet them and watch them grow personally and professionally. all the while, you know this constructed identity/identities can now be ‘owned’ by you, and that construct as artwork can be, sold, traded, exchanged, accumulated, speculated on. these are all the things one can do with something you are the sole owner of in a capitalist society

remote entity questions the idea of whether there is a difference between this tradeable, derivative notion of digital reflection and the notion of the self of the user or as constructed “other” 

is a constructed entity in an era of hypercapitalism really “human” in any way? or is it a capitalist prosthesis which we can trade and profit from, without being concerned the rights or desires of that reflection, if it even exists 

remote entity asks whether this construction of events, desires and functions is a human derivative in a capitalist sense, or merely a subproduct of the post-human environment

text by patrick lichty