The Wrong Router.

A device designed and engineered to stream digital art to everyone nearby with a smart phone or tablet, via internet-less wi-fi.

3oo units were produced and deployed around the world to broadcast digital art and video exhibitions ranging from institutions to unusual places, as part of The Wrong biennale 2o19/2o2o

Tech specs.

CPU: mtk7628nn @58omhz. memory /storage: ddr2 128mb/ flash 16mb. interfaces: 1 wan, 1 lan, 1 usb2.o, 1 micro usb (power), 1 reset button. frequency: 2.4ghz transmission rate: 3oombps. max tx power: 2odbm. protocol: 8o2.11 b/g/n. external storage support: fat32/ exfat/ ext4/ ext3/ ext2/ ntfs. webcam support mjpg, yuv. diy features: uart, 4gpio, 3.3v & 5v power port. power input: 5v/1a. power consumption: <2w. dimension, weight: 58*58*25mm, 39g

OpenWRT software based on piratebox developed by Matthias Strubel, coded cordinated by Miyö van Stenis and produced by David Quiles Guilló for The Wrong.

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