The Wrong Festival.

Experimental audio and visuals festival organized by ROJO® in association with errrorclub and sponsored by Pepe Jeans.

The Wrong artists: Abe, Dj Ps, Solu, Mattin, Squinch, Dj Atun, Ixi Software + Vaxupaxo (Slub), Sutoolz Alfa7, Glaznost, Greg Davis, Hrvatski, Simon Marino, Ryo Co, Corrupt!, Osso Bucco, Telcosystems, Dedo. Io Casino + Victor Nubla, Un Caddie Dans Reverse L'herbe, Neokinok, O28 (D2B), Antoine Schmitt, Derek Holzer + Bas Van Koolwijk, Jaromil + Candidatv, Mikael Stavöstrand, Sutekh, Dj Inocuo, Once11 + Nina Nnt, Sicotico, Crucial Felix + Sue And The Musorkians, Nettle, The Republic Of Desire.

The Wrong Festival Cd.
makin' all the right mistakes

Experimental audio compilation compact disc including 11 live recordings at The Wrong Festival. 

Live audio tracks by: Squinch, Jacob Kirkegaard, Greg Davis, Osso Bucco, Hrvatski, Ryo Co, Telcosystems, Once11, Nettle, Timeblind, Un Caddie Dans Reverse l'Herbe.

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