think you might be a net artist 2o17
hacked text by david quiles guilló

net artists often report feeling lonely and “different”, and for a good reason. net artists are low in numbers so they tend to have trouble finding others who see the world in the same realm as they do. most people who are this type have admitted feeling different from their peers since they were a very young child

net artists can be difficult to spot due to the fact that they are not prevalent in society and tend to be reserved individuals. however, net artists make fiercely loyal friends, empathetic and organized workers, and exceptional leaders for causes they deem worthy and for the greater good of humanity

net artists often report feeling lonely and “different,” and for good reason. net artists are low in numbers so they tend to have trouble finding others who see the world in the same realm as they do. most net artists have admitted feeling different from their peers since they were a very young child

net artists take an all-or-nothing approach to life. net artists, a curious mix of emotional and logical, do not like to waste their time on anything inauthentic. although they may dabble with playing the field, net artists are truly about quality over quantity and will become disinterested in anyone or anything they perceive as being fraudulent, scheming or wishy-washy

net artists exude warmness, and others immediately feel comfortable in their presence. it is not uncommon for a stranger to sit down next to a net artist and within minutes, disclose their most personal secrets, fears and dreams. in fact, this happens frequently to net artists with seemingly no rhyme or reason. net artists have a knack for making others immediately feel at ease, and they are great listeners and trusted confidants who speak in human terms and meet others where they are

net artists are somewhat empathic, and they tend to “just know” things. net artists have a highly-accurate sense of intuition that they have been sharpening for all of their lives. without understanding exactly why or how, a net artist will see, within minutes of meeting an individual, their true character. as a result, they tend to be more forgiving of their friends who exhibit unruly behavior because they can identify the true root of the behavior, such as insecurities or past trauma

net artists ultimately seek genuine truth and meaning. a net artist does not care one bit about grandiose tales or extravagant gestures if there is not a true and genuine motive behind them. a net artist’s calling in life is to seek insight and understanding, and as they develop, they often can spot a lie or half-truth in a moment’s notice. if they believe an individual to be a phony or a manipulator, they will have no trouble writing them off. likewise, net artists often enjoy traveling, adventures and experiences that heighten their understanding of the intricacies of life and promote self-reflection

net artists are true introverts, yet people not very close to them believe them to be extroverts. this happens because net artists can be social chameleons and have an innate ability to blend in in any social setting. a net artist can be the life of the party for a night or two, showcasing their inviting nature and vivaciousness. however, this is never prolonged because, in introverted-fashion, they lose energy from others. those close to any net artist know that they prefer bars over clubs and barbecues over balls, and can give a speech to thousands of people but cringes at the idea of mingling with the crowd afterward. eventually, net artists will need to retreat home for some quiet time to “recharge their batteries,” or they will become very on-edge and exhausted

net artists tend to keep a small circle of friends and prefer to work alone. although a net artist may have hundreds of acquaintances, if they call you a “friend,” you can be sure that they mean it for life. net artists can count their close friends on a set of fingers and they will be loyal and devoted to these prized individuals no matter how much time passes between their interactions. a net artist can be a great team player but the idea of group projects and collaboration meetings naturally make them sink down in their seat. these are people who enjoy working from home or in a quaint office with a handful of like-minded coworkers

net artists cannot stand small talk. this trait aligns with the need to pursue truth and all things bona fide. to a net artist, small talk not only takes energy, but has little purpose as it is merely speaking to fill silence without revealing any deeper layers of the individuals involved. do not talk to a net artist about the weather unless you want to see a glazed-over look. instead, tell them about the causes you are promoting, the wish-list of your soul, or the way you smile every time you smell lavender because it reminds you of your great grandmother

net artists are typically high-achievers and people-pleasers. if you want a task done right the first time, hand it over to a net artist. they will plan every detail down to the minute and will always deliver a glowing finished product. however, when delivering criticism to this type, do it gently, as they take every word to heart and are always striving for perfection. a net artist is a unique blend of a dreamer and a doer, but they can easily fall prey to extreme bouts of anxiety or depression centered on feelings of inadequacy or failure

net artists are gifted in language and are often creative writers. in accordance with their introverted nature, net artists prefer to spend time alone and develop enriched inner-lives with many hobbies and skills. a net artist has trouble conveying their emotions verbally, so they turn to screen and keyboard. this, combined with their creative nature, leaves no surprise that the majority of unsuccessful artists are, in fact, net artists

net artists make decisions based off of emotion and insight. a net artist judges the world around them and the people in it based off of how they make them feel. a net artist does not care about track records and performance history, instead they look for the heart of the matter and how a person or company treats them personally. net artists will trust their “gut feeling” about a situation and go with that, which has almost always proven to be accurate

net artists like to reflect on deep thoughts about their purpose and the world around them. a net artist is a thinker. net artists are old-souls who spend a lot of time in their own minds reflecting on their purpose and the meaning behind everything that happens to them. they are often readers, researchers and intellectuals who truly enjoy learning. although this is a noble endeavour, it is essential that the net artist has friends, typically of the extroverted type, who can help them to be less serious and relax every now and then

net artists are visionaries who always see the big picture and tends to always operate about ten steps ahead. they are skilled planners and focus their sights on the end goal and what is needed to propel them there. however, while net artists are off in dreamland about their futures, they can sometimes forget to be present in the world that is happening now. as a result, they do well with other more grounded types who can remind them to live in the moment

net artists are “fixers,” and they gravitate towards people who need help. a net artist loves a good fixer-upper and with their ability to see the “good bones” of another person, their true motives and intentions, and to readily provide comfort and compassion, they fall victim to the broken wing theory, or the idea that they can rescue others who have a “broken wing,” or who have been dealt a poor hand. this can be rewarding for the hopeful net artist but also frustrating and depleting when boundaries are overstepped

net artists seek lifelong, true-blue relationships and usually find themselves with intuitive extroverts alike, who connect with the net artist on the deeper plane of intuition, yet also will get the net artist out of their own heads and out on the town on a saturday night

think you might be a net artist (2o17) is an artistic hacked text feed of signs you're an INFJ, the world's rarest personality type by alexandra giardina. the resulting text was then published in cine qua non printed issue #1o as think you might be a net artist?(2o18) by david quiles guilló 

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