process pool
jon vaughn
458 pages. printed on demand

ISBN 978-15-432-5224-8

found forest floor 
gareth a.hopkins & erik blagsvedt

272 pages. printed on demand
ISBN 978-15-488-6166-7

protey temen & david quiles guilló

32o pages. printed on demand
ISBN 978-84-617-4253-o

enter the following
david quiles guilló
296 pages. printed on demand
ISBN 978-15-430-7547-2
out of print 

process pool by jon vaughn 

7tNbjV is the young rebel sibling label of abstract editions, and stands as an independent rural publishing label focused on releasing abstract graphic novels and art projects by selected artists as affordable paperback books, printed on demand, and available worldwide thanks to amazon

7tNbjV is published by david quiles guilló, actively contributing to the preservation of our environment by exclusively printing on demand since 2o17

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