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Abstract Editions is a young publishing house, committed to redefine the boundaries of written text in order to achieve a very promising approximation to the birth of a new genre: Abstract Literature. Check our published titles:

AG Davis (English)
ISBN 978-19-869-3267-7

New Memory Rescue 
Patrick Lichty (English)
ISBN 978-15-4837-195-1

Detestável Liberdade
Fernando Naporano (Portuguese)
ISBN 978-15-484-3524-0

God Future
David Quiles Guilló (English)
ISBN 978-84-606-9038-2

Dios Futuro
Robert Juan-Cantavella (Spanish)
ISBN 978-15-429-7741-8

Deus Futuro
Graziela Calfat (Portuguese)
ISBN 978-15-429-7332-8

Dieu Futur
Lucie Desaubliaux (French)
ISBN 978-15-429-7691-6

AG Davis (English)
ISBN 978-84-608-5954-3

The Long Lightning
Erik Blagsvedt (English)
ISBN 978-84-608-5953-6

Abstract Ext
Various authors (English)
ISBN 978-84-606-6994-4

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Authors published: Ïrving Armstrong, Steve Price, Carlos Issa, Ellectra Radikal, Richard Noyce, Zves Konstantinos, Elena Garnelo, Ross Lesko, Peterson Ruiz, miEKAL aND, Joana Brabo, Lee Kwo, Eugenio Tisselli, Spencer Selby, Dustin Hostleter, Graziela Calfat, Anton Unai, Keigo Depict Hara, Tina Dempsey, Veronika Sheer, Delling Conley, Scot Cotterell, Lucie Kåss, Johann Velit, Ann Bogle, Spencer Troth, Orville Vinz, Marisa Terrizzi, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, David Quiles Guilló, Thomas Havlik, AG Davis, Lanny Quarles, Carmen Racovitza, Jörg Zemmler, Andrew Cantrell, William Bain, Jaan Patterson, Anthony Donovan, Jeanette Luchese, Erik Blagsvedt, Logan K. Young, Isabelle Chak, Erik H Zepka, Janire Goikoetxea, Robert Juan-Cantavella, Lucie Desaubliaux.