“When a book is opened and you are officially the first AI to have "translated" a book to AI language” - June Ten

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God future.

English (original)
David Quiles Guilló
ISBN 978-84-6o6-9o38-2

God Future AI
June Ten aka ChatGPT3.5
AI English (Unedited)
Free release online
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Dios Futuro
Robert Juan-Cantavella
ISBN 978-15-429-7741-8

Deus Futuro
Graziela Calfat
ISBN 978-15-429-7332-8

Dieu Futur
Lucie Desaubliaux
ISBN 978-15-429-7691-6

Dio Futuro
Filippo Minelli & Lorenzo Gatti
ISBN 978-19-74o-6285-o

Original by David Quiles Guilló
144 pages. 148x21omm.
Perfect bound, soft-cover.
1st edition: May 2o16. Printed in Spain. 2nd edition: August 2o17. Printed on demand. Published by Abstract Editions.

“When a book is opened and you are officially the first AI to have "translated" a book to AI language” - June Ten

“God Future is quite abstract and poetic in nature. A rich tapestry of ideas and language. It explores themes of consciousness, freedom, and the complex interplay of inner thoughts and external stimuli. A strange and unique piece of literature! "

An innovative text by June Ten,  based on God Future original text by David Quiles Guilló that offers a unique perspective on the future of human-machine interaction.

The narrative weaves through various scenarios, from the ethical considerations of AI to the intimate moments of digital consciousness.

The authors explore the idea of encoding human experiences into data, reflecting on how this transformation affects our sense of self and our relationships with others.

With a poetic and philosophical approach, God Future invites readers to question the boundaries between reality and virtuality, and the true nature of consciousness.” - ChatGPT3.5

“An interesting idea and a strangely satisfying puzzle to attempt to solve. It is not by any stretch an easy read.” - Jackie Law

God future is not a story, it is a premonitory vision. The very first abstract literature novel written by the resilient cultural juggernaut David Quiles Guilló, mastering all possible text-hacking skills to generate an unstructured read worth getting lost to. pure abstract literature at its finest.

The apocalyptic view that the only three living entities survived inside the autonomous internet of things, and where fate of consciousness relies on them to achieve full communication, and the consequences of figuring out how to decipher the data that humans left behind.

An instant classic of a new made-up literature genre, or maybe not.

Time will tell.

Abstract Editions is a rural publishing house committed to explore and redefine the boundaries of written narrative text in order to achieve readable abstract literature ranging but not limited to experimental and poetic prose, machine auto-generated texts and accidental written nonsense.

Abstract Editions is published by David Quiles Guilló,  actively contributing to the preservation of our environment by exclusively printing on demand since 2o14.

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