the apocalyptic view that the only three living entities survived inside the autonomous internet of things, and where fate of consciousness relies on them to achieve full communication, and the consequences of figuring out how to decipher the data that humans left behind

god future

is not a story, it is a premonitory vision. the very first abstract literature novel written by the resilient cultural juggernaut david quiles guilló, mastering all possible text-hacking skills to generate an unstructured read worth getting lost to. pure abstract literature at its finest, by the accidentally unskilled founder of the genre. an instant classic, in 1oo years, maybe

god future
english (original version)
isbn 978-84-6o6-9o38-2

dios futuro by robert juan-cantavella
isbn 978-15-429-7741-8

deus futuro by graziela calfat
isbn 978-15-429-7332-8

dieu futur by Lucie Desaubliaux
isbn 978-15-429-7691-6

dio futuro by filippo minelli & lorenzo gatti
isbn 978-19-74o-6285-o

original text written by david quiles guilló
144 pages. 148x210mm.
perfect bound, soft-cover.
1st edition: may 2016. printed in spain
2nd edition: august 2017. printed on demand
published by abstract editions