stranded on mountains with 2o19 

stranded on mountains is a TEDx talk flop formated as a print on demand book by david quiles guilló

62 pages of auto-generated transcripts from selected bright side youtube videos, like the perfect picture of how the internet knowledge is delivered in chunks of run fast and ask for help. read some true stories, as real as it gets, and avoid all jellyfish

stranded on mountains with 2o19
david quiles guilló’s TEDx talk flop
62 pages. paperback
printed on demand
ISBN 978-16-956-1103-0

abstract editions is a rural publishing house committed to explore and redefine the boundaries of written narrative text in order to achieve readable abstract literature ranging but not limited to experimental and poetic prose, machine auto-generated texts and accidental written nonsense

abstract editions is published by david quiles guilló, actively contributing to the preservation of our environment by exclusively printing on demand since 2o14

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