one hundred million dollars 2o19~2o2o 
two people sitting across a table looking at each other, with headphones on, microphones a fist away of the mouth, trying to make sense of the world while streaming live. youtube uses speech recognition technology, to automatically create captions for the videos. these automatic captions are generated by machine learning algorithms, so the quality of the captions may vary. lovely 

one hundred million dollars 2o19~2o2o 

3 print on demand text-only complementary volumes. 1512 pages of printed transcriptions of youtube auto-generated subtitles from the voices and words of joe rogan, young jamie, whitney cummings, brian moses, bernie sanders, alonzo bodden, annie ledermann, tom papa, fahim anwar, jim gaffigan, big jay oakerson, luis j. gomez, dave smith, dan crenshaw, roy wood, everlast, roseanne barr, joe de sena, andrew huberman, ben shapiro, oliver stone, george knapp,  jeremy corbell, abigail shrier, peter schiff, bob saget, james nestor, hannibal buress, alan levinovitz, josh barnett, russell peters, james lindsay, barbara freese, aron snyder, jon stewart, joe schilling, colion noir, kyle dunnigan and bret weinstein, extracted from the joe rogan experience #1328 to #1339, #1359 and #1494 to #1514 youtube videos

a sublime trilogy of literary stunt performances, an anchor of its time, weeks before the 1oo million deal signing to spotify, and right after the demise of jre live episodes

another bunch of weird by 
david quiles guilló  

two one demons demons 2o2o
one hundred million dollars #3
5o6 pages. paperback
printed on demand
ISBN 979-86-844-5453-0

the kettlebell you bring 2o2o
one hundred million dollars #2
5o8 pages. paperback
printed on demand
ISBN 979-86-843-8199-7

she was more lifelike eyes boom 2o19
one hundred million dollars #1
498 pages. paperback
printed on demand
ISBN 978-16-924-9185-7
limited edition of 1o

abstract editions is a rural publishing house committed to explore and redefine the boundaries of written narrative text in order to achieve readable abstract literature ranging but not limited to experimental and poetic prose, machine auto-generated texts and accidental written nonsense

abstract editions is published by david quiles guilló,  actively contributing to the preservation of our environment by exclusively printing on demand since 2o14

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